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Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. Details

Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. Overview

Earlier, Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. embodied as Shyam Shree Steels Ltd. on 8 March 2002. However, the company is located at Kolkata as a public limited association under the Companies Act, 1956. Subsequently, the name of the company became Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. on 18 Dec 2003. 

Besides, SSIL existed as one of the top premium branded Thermomechanically treated rebars (TMT Rebar). Significantly, the company possesses harmonized steel plants. Besides, it primarily involves the production of TMT rebars. Moreover, it works with full backward harmonization. It also works in sponge & billet and sale of premium TMT bars in India. As well as the company carries out export operations too. Despite this, the company engages itself in import activities too. 

Furthermore, SSIL has steel manufacturing plants situated in West Bengal. Generally, it occupies the Eastern region of India which exists as a steel industry hub. Hence, SSIL remained as one of the few steel companies which have an NABL authorized laboratory for TMT rebar testing. 

Likewise, the company manufactures a huge range of steel products. Including intermediate products such as ferroalloys, billets, and sponge iron. Also, final products such as TMT Rebar. Particularly, their products have huge applications in heavy load industry structures, namely, flyovers, dams, bridges, and other critical structures. 

Strategies of Shyam Steel Industries Ltd.

  • Firstly, the company looks forward to focussing on the expansion of the retail customer base.
  • Meanwhile, to expand their Institutional Customer base they would act as an approved supplier of quality TMT Rebar from more government entities.
  • As well as the company wants to focus on backward integration and organic & selective inorganic expansion.
  • Significantly, it focuses on improvising the manufacturing process and capabilities.
  • Moreover, it shall maintain strong financial performance and low leverage. 

Company Promoters

To begin with, Mr. Purushottam Beriwala, Mr. Govind Beriwal, appointed as the Directors of the Company. Besides, Mr. Lalit Beriwala works as one of the Directors of the Company. Also, Mr. Ravi Beriwala, Mr. Brijesh Beriwala, include in the assisting team of the company. Thereby, Mr. Manish Beriwala also works as a promoting team.  

Financial Details

Financial Performance Nine months period ended on 31 December 2018 FY2018 Fiscal 2017 Fiscal 2016
Total income  (in ₹ millions)  20, 141.32   21,629.04   15,224.67   11,690.60 
Consolidated EBITDA ( in ₹ millions)  2,369.87   2,399.74   1,702.72   1,355.33  
Consolidated profit after tax for the period/year (in ₹ millions) 1,313.49  1,093.60  446.76  74.00 
Return on equity 18.88 % 19.37 % 9.70 % 1.66%
Debt to equity ratio 0.10 040 0.63 0.63
Contact Information 

Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. 

Shyam Towers, EN 32, Sector V, 

Salt Lake, Kolkata 700091.

Phone: +9133 4007 4007

Fax: +9133 4007 4010

E-mail: [email protected]

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