Madhav Copper Ltd.

Madhav Copper Ltd. Company Details

Madhav Copper Ltd. Overview 

To begin with, Madhav Copper Ltd. (MCL) embodied in 2012. Generally, it came about as a Gujarat-based company involved in the manufacturing and supply of copper bus bars, copper rods, and strips. It also manufactures anodes, sections, and enameled copper wire. As well as a manufacturer of poly wrap submersible winding wire. Besides, mechanical and electrical fields use copper material produced. Hence, this helps in the fields of power distribution, generation, transmission, and also electronic industries. 

Moreover, the company also provides services to manage the electrical winding designers. Hence, it helps to overcome short-circuit problems and winding making. Also, Madhav Copper Ltd. follows the National and International standards such as IES, BS, JIS, NEMA, and ASTM. Besides, the manufacturing unit of MCL exists at Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

Despite this, the company came about in the list on NSE Emerge in 2017. So then, it intends to raise funds for working capital requirements. Also, to improve its brand image. Presently, it has an Indian Railway project to supply copper products of various sizes and specifications. 

However, MCL looks forward to launching its FPO. Precisely, the subscription period might commence from Jan 27 to Jan 30, 2020. Also, the FPO would commence as a book built issue type.  

Strengths of Madhav Copper Ltd. 

Firstly, the company provides quality products. Secondly, it has its manufacturing unit in Gujarat. Thirdly, it provides a long term client relationship. 


Generally, Mr. Nilesh Patel, Mr. Rohit Chauhan, and also Divya Monpara work as promoters of the company. 

Financial Details 

Financial Year  Total Assets (₹ in lakhs) Total Revenue (₹ in lakhs) Profit After Tax (₹ in lakhs)
2016-2017 2,271.51 7,162.87 86.38
2017-2018 2,363.78 16,910.63 196.23
2018-2019 4,550.16 21,305.04 421.42
30-June-2019  4,341.53 5,089.46 200.91
Contact Details

Madhav Copper Ltd. 

Plot No. 2107/D, Office No. 203, 

2nd Floor, D&I Excelus,

Waghawadi Road, Bhavnagar, 

Gujarat 364001 

Phone: +91 278 2221034 

Email: [email protected] 


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