Investors interested

Investors interested to invest in mid-cap & small-cap MF

Investors interested to invest in mid-cap & small-cap mutual funds:

To begin with, in Jan, the mutual fund investors interested in hugely invested in both mid-cap and small-cap mutual fund schemes. The inflow of equity funds increased to Rs 7,877 cr compared to the inflow of Rs 4,499 cr in Dec. 

According to the analysis, this growth occurred due to the smaller shares and recovery of the border market before the Union Budget. The scheme flow declined to Rs 1,311 cr in the last year Nov. 

The flow of mid-cap equity fundraised to Rs 1,499 cr against the inflow of Rs 796 cr in the last month. Similarly, in Jan, the small-cap equity funds gained Rs 1,073 cr as compared to gain of Rs 421 cr. The multi-cap funds i.e, the large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap funds togetherly raise Rs 1,722 cr against Rs 512 cr. 

The small-cap funds AUM got the highest growth in the previous 9 months. By the ending of Jan 2020, the total AUM of small-cap funds reached Rs 52,482 cr. The SIP monthly installments raised to Rs 8,532 cr with the growth of Rs 14 cr. In Dec, the total AUM of the mutual fund industry raised from Rs 26.54 lakh cr to Rs 27.86 lakh cr. 

Moreover, in Jan, the large-cap fund flows to Rs 1,154 cr against the Rs 1,135 cr in Dec 2019. Debt funds inflow raised Rs 1,09,306 cr through the liquid and overnight funds. The outflow of balanced funds is Rs 1,260 cr along with Vodafone ratings. 

The banking and PSU funds mostly invested in ‘AAA’ rated portfolio companies to get strong inflows of Rs 3,033 cr. 

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