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Mint50: Hand -picked mutual funds to build your portfolio

 Handpicked mutual funds ranking highest-paid returns

Generally, most of the investors want the highest returns. Here ranking handpicked mutual funds easily with highest-paid returns is a simple task and it will find more interesting when all the investors want high returns. But has in your portfolio does it is not something that needs as much attention as a deeper evaluation of the funds. Here it involves the fund house and the fund manager competency who follows good hygiene practices, portfolio composition, the risk that the scheme carries, how it performs when the markets are down, looking at the consistency of returns.

With the aim of getting you the best combination of risk and returns Mint50, a crated basket of investment-worthy funds, is the result of an exhaustive exercise that blends in various parameters. Therefore, the schemes in this list may not be the same as the ones that top the return league tables for the past year since these do not take into account parameters of risk and other features.

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