BSE Star MF secures 10.10 lakh transactions in a day

BSE Star MF secures 10.10 lakh transactions in a day

To begin with, the largest Indian mutual fund distribution platform, BSE Star MF has set a new record. So then, on Monday the fund has secured a record high of 10.10 lakh transactions worth Rs 1,075 crores. Besides, its previous record stood at 8.79 lakh transactions on 1 day in Nov 2019. However, the platform has excelled 4.47 crores of transactions as of yet this financial year. 

Also, the transaction volume grew by 58% to 4.99 crores. Comparatively, it stood at 3.16 crores a year ago. So then, the platform has also shown a growth of 16% in terms of turnover at Rs 1,75,654.7 crores in 2019. While in 2018, it remained Rs 1,51,185.5 crores.

At present, Star MF systematic investment plan book stood at 36.81 lakhs amounting to Rs 1,058.28 crores. So then, the platform had registered about 1.13 lakh new SIPs worth Rs 32.48 crores between Feb 1 at 10, 2020. 

Besides, the Sensex and Nifty seem to trade with a bullish trend today, on 11th Feb. So then, Sensex traded with a gain of 232.32 points reached 41,227.74 with 0.60% up. While Nifty traded with a gain of 73.75 points reached 12,104.50 with 0.61% up. 

Meanwhile, S&P BSE Smallcap has seen a loss with 32.38 points reached 14,744.33 level with 0.22% down. Whereas S&P BSE Midcap stood at gain with 51.80 points reached 15,828.73 level with 0.29% up.

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