SIP AUM Inflow Value Reached Peak Value In November

The Inflow of SIP AUM has raised and equity funds were declined in last month:

In Nov 2019, the mutual funds said about the variation in 2 different funds. It was the perfect time for a money management company, and the worst time for equity funds. In 41 months, the equity mutual funds inflow amount of Rs 1,312 crores decreased. In the same month, The SIP AUM gained a peak point of Rs 8,273 crores. 

Mr. Swarup Mohanty, CEO of Mirae AMC said that Due to the anti reports about the schemes enclosed by investors. And some of them reached the high inflows due to this, the market has more book profits and it takes money off the table.

The inflow of equity mutual fund has Rs 6,026 crore in Oct, similarly, in Sep and August, the equity funds inflow is Rs 6,609 crore and Rs 9,152 crore. 

According to analysis, in Dec, the mutual fund industry newly included 5 lakh of SIP accounts. It was a strong indication to retail investors investing their investments along with SIPs.

The mutual fund industry overflows Rs 54,419 crore and it reached to Rs 26.94 lakh crore. In this, Rs 51,427 crore obtained from debt mutual fund schemes.

As per the report, the outflow of sector funds and contra funds are Rs 636.35 and Rs 955 crore. Similarly, the outflow of large and midcap funds has Rs 252 crore in the last month. And the midcap funds net inflows reduced from Rs 1,311 crores to Rs181.14 crore.

The investments in SIP mutual funds continuously increased by retail investments, and the SIP AUM reached to Rs 3.12 lakh crore. 65% to 75% of balanced funds investments usually invested in equities, it has a maximum of Rs 4,932 crore outflows.

The debt funds, banking, and PSU funds the inflow raised Rs 4,855 crore than the last month inflow of Rs 7,230 crore. They were mostly invested in AAA portfolio companies. The overnight funds gained an inflow of Rs 20,649 crore.

The Arbitrage funds have gained Rs 5,353 crore by investing in both Shares and stock futures. The fund mainly recommended by the HNIs.

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