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Mutual Fund Industry Joined 2.6 lakh Folios In Nov

In Nov 2019, up to 2.6 lakh portfolios joined in the mutual fund industry, now it has 8.65 crore folios. Similarly, in Oct, 2.6 lakh portfolios joined 3.45 lakh in  Sep 4.8 lakhs in Aug.  And also in July 10lakh portfolios joined by mutual fund industry.

It also gave advises to investors about market risks involved in these schemes. A single investor can also invest in several numbers of portfolios. And the portfolios identified by their numbers.

As per the records of mutual fund India, in Nov 2,61,705 of portfolios entered into the industry. The number of portfolios raised from 8,62,56,880 to 8,65,18,585 in Oct to Nov.

Due to the less inflow of equities, the number of portfolios joined in the MF industry has declined in Nov compared to Oct. The count of folios joined in equity and equity-linked funds has increased 1.2 lakh to 6.21 crore.

The debt-oriented mutual funds increased with 5.4 lakh to 70.12 lakh. In this, the liquid mutual funds in the high position with 17.45 folios.

In Nov, the mutual fund houses observed Rs 54,419 crore of inflow. And also, Rs 1,690 crore declined in equity mutual fund. Overall, the 44 fund hoses of AUM raised from Rs 26.33 lakh crore to Rs 27.04 lakh crore.

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