Mutual Funds Bought And Sold In September

India’s Top Three Mutual Funds Bought And Sold In September

Mutual Funds Bought And Sold In September

Since the last four months, only three mutual funds have been the first place in inflows of Indian stocks. HDFC, ICICI Prudential, and SBI are the top three mutual funds bought and sold in September. Inflows into Indian stock funds prevented a four-month rising strip even as the $2 trillion equity market logged its best September in six years after the corporate tax cut rates. Net inflows into equity and equity savings fund received Rs 6,610 crores in September, according to the AMFI. This is 28% lower than the funding collected in August.

HDFC Mutual Fund

The most notable finance services company in India is the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC). It is India’s top money manager. HDFC has held about $20 billion in equities, with financials accounting for 31% of stock assets followed by industrial groups at 14%, as in September. Compared to the previous month’s (August) data, in  September, minor changes have occurred the stake of HDFC.

New Buys/Exits

 Company  Position Change
 ICICI Prudential Life  1,800,000 ↑↓
 Astral Poly Technik  638,708 ↑
 National Aluminium  -600,000 ↓
 Wonderla Holidays -475,649 ↓
 Raymond  -248,000 ↓

Added/Reduced Stakes

 Company  Position Change
 State Bank Of India  10,539,228 ↑
 NHPC  10,000,000 ↑
 Axis Bank  4,782,684 ↑
 Infosys  -6,418,091 ↓
 NTPC  -1,639,879 ↓
 Ashok Leyland  -1,452,000 ↓

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is the second largest AMC in India. As of the report,  $18 billion of equity assets held by ICICI Prudential MF. The financials making up 28% of followed by materials at 10%. 

New Buys/Exists

 Company  Position Change
ICICI Prudential Nifty ETF Fund  3,137,721 ↑
 Wheels India  850,103 ↑
 Altria Group 27,724 ↑
Techno Electric & Engineering  -209,472 ↓
Tata Steel Party Paid Shares  -100,109 ↓
EPSE ETF  -62,855 ↓

Added/Reduced Stakes

 Company  Position Change
 ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund  39,840,294 ↑
 Srei Equipment Finance  31,536,846 ↑
 ICICI Prudential Money Market Fund  17,473,855 ↑
 Tata Power  -14,679,147 ↓
 Motherson Sumi  -3,264,773 ↓
 SpiceJet  -2,980,317 ↓

SBI Mutual Fund Bought And Sold In September

SBI Mutual Fund is one of India’s top three mutuals funds that bought and sold in the last month.  The fund house held about $24 billion in more than 300 stocks. Financials made up about 40 percent of assets, followed by technology at 10 percent.

New Buys/Exists

 Company  Position Change
 City Union Bank  2,280,000  ↑
 Bahadur Chand Investment  940,000  ↑
 Cooperative Rabobank  360,000  ↑
 Tata Power Renewable Energy  -2,000,000  ↓
 Eris Lifesciences  -823,838  ↓
 NBCC India  -510,000 ↓

Added/Reduced Stakes

 Company  Position Change
 Axis Bank  19,155,266   ↑
 ICICI Lombard General Insurance  8,101,614   ↑
 Vedanta Ltd.  5,631,112   ↑
 Tata Power  -45,595,618  ↓
 Vodafone Idea  -41,036,443  ↓
 Indian Energy Exchange  -7,939,428 ↓

The information has been taken from official news site.

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