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ICL Organic Dairy Products Ltd. Overview

Generally, ICL Organic Dairy Products Ltd. embodied in 2013. The company involves all kinds of dairy businesses such as dairy farming, breeding of mammals, and also animal husbandry. Besides, the company takes the animals either under a bond or rents with any other person.  However, this comes in with the profit-sharing basis to deal with the products such as milk, cream, paneer, ghee, and other by-products. 

Despite this, the company assists milk contractors, dairymen, and vendors. Also, the company deals with milers, dealers, and purveyors. Wherefore, the company stays active in Bareilly, Badaun, and also in Pilibhit districts of Uttar Pradesh. However, the company aims to good quality milk. So then, it has a veterinary supporting staff to train the farmers. 

Furthermore, the main job of the company is to collect milk from other dairy farmers. So then, distribute it to dairy establishments, sweet shops, and various households. 

Strengths of ICL Organic Dairy Products Ltd. 

  • Firstly, the company has a long-standing client base. 
  • Besides, it plays the role of a supplier.
  • Also, the company looks forward to supplying quality products


To begin with, Mr. Roop Kishore Gola and also Mr. Avadhesh Kumar Gola work as promoters of the company. 

Financial Details 

Financial Year  Total Assets (₹ in lakhs) Total Revenue (₹ in lakhs) Profit After Tax (₹ in lakhs)
2016-2017 226.00 252.68 5.03
2017-2018 327.82 1,207.30 34.93
2018-2019 316.60 1,572.65 27.62
Contact Details 

ICL Organic Dairy Products Limited 

A-105, 3rd Floor, Sector – 63, 

Gautam Buddha Nagar, Noida, 

Uttar Pradesh – 201301, India 

Phone: 0120 – 4319744

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.icldairy.com/

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