Bonlon Industries Limited Company Details

Bonlon Industries Limited Company Details

Bonlon Industries Limited Overview 

Generally, the company Bonlon Industries Limited embodied in 1997. So then the Delhi-based company involves manufacturing, trading, and also marketing of copper rods and bars. Particularly, the firm manufactures products for several industries such as electrical and construction. It also provides the material for the transport and automobile industry.

Besides, the company manufactures products in various configurations and sizes as per the requirement. On the other hand, by merging of three companies of the Bonlon group, the area of operations of the company came about expanded. Hence, it put its hand in the manufacturing of metal, hotel business, and civil construction. 

On the other side, the strengths of the company include a focus on the quality of the product and services. Also, it includes its presence at the prime location. Moreover, the company has its online presence for hotel booking. 

Furthermore, Mr. Arun Kumar Jain assists the company as a promoter

Significantly, the company introduces a ‘Fixed Price Issue‘ type of initial public offering. So then, this might come with a face value of Rs. 10 per equity share. Initially, Bonlon provided an issue size of 37,56,000 equity shares with an average of Rs. 10.52 crores. Similarly, the price of the issue stood at Rs. 28 per equity share.

Financial Details of Bonlon Industries:

Financial Year  Total Assets (₹ in Lakhs) Total Revenue (₹ in Lakhs) Profit After Tax (₹ in Lakhs)
March 2019 6,303.67 21,744.31 282.32
March 2018  3,913.15 24,313.49 27.78
March 2017  4,781.66 23,881.15 122.53

Contact Details: 

Bonlon Industries Ltd. 

7A/39 (12-First Floor), 

WEA Channa Market, 

Karol Bagh, New Delhi – 110005 

Phone: 011 47532792 

Email: [email protected]


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