Equity Mutual Fund witness net inflows of Rs. 9,115 Cr

Equity Mutual Fund witness net inflows of Rs. 9,115 cr

Equity Mutual Fund segment witnessed net inflows of Rs. 9,115 crores in March 2021

In March 2021, the equity mutual fund segment reported net inflows of Rs. 9,115 crores. However, after eight consecutive months, equity schemes witnessed net inflows at the end of the financial year 2020-2021.

On the other hand, sectoral and equity-linked MF received inflows of Rs. 2,009 crores and Rs. 1,552 crores, respectively. As per AMFI reports, these two categories of schemes observed increased net inflows in the month of March 2021. Whereas ELSS schemes net inflows on the expected lines. Because most of the individual investors shown interest to invest in tax-saving schemes.

Besides, the equity investors expecting changes for a market correction. Contribution through SIP raised Rs. 9,182 crores in March. It had reported Rs. 7,528 crores in February 2021. Furthermore, the SIP account count increased to 3.72 crores from 3.62 crores during the same months.

In addition, the bond funds witnessed net outflows of Rs. 52.528 crores. Moreover, the liquid funds and low duration funds observed the maximum redemption of Rs. 19,383 and Rs. 15,847 crores, respectively.

However, Overnight funds saw net inflows of Rs. 5,027 crores. Banking and PSU Bond Funds saw net outflows of Rs. 6,508 crores as compared to net outflows of Rs. 1,658 crores in February 2021.

In March 2021, Hybrid funds reported net inflows of Rs. 6,210 crores which publish Rs. 4,702 crores in February. Balanced advantage funds saw net investments of Rs. 2,711 crores as compared to Rs. 2,005 crores in February.

Gold ETF schemes net inflows of Rs. 662 crores. These schemes reported Rs. 491 crores investments in February. However, as of March 31st, 2021, the total AUM of the MF industry stood at Rs. 32.17 lakhs crores.

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