Domestic Mutual Fund assets rise 41%

Domestic Mutual Fund assets rise 41%

Domestic Mutual Fund assets rise 41%

As per AMFI reports, the domestic mutual fund assets under management dropped 1% in March. However, DMF AUM dripped despite net outflows from open-ended debt funds. But, in fiscal 2021, the cumulative inflows equaled Rs. 2.09 lakh crores. At that time, the assets of DMF raised nearly 41%.

As per the expert analysis, the open-ended equity funds recorded net inflows for the first time since June 2020.

In the last month, the MF industry observed net outflows of Rs. 29,745 crores. Further, the industry asset base stood at Rs. 31.43 lakhs crores. Moreover, it reported Rs. 31.64 lakhs crores a month before.

On the other hand, the debt funds under the open-ended category witnessed net outflows of Rs. 52,528 crores in March. However, this category observed the highest net outflows of Rs. 1.95 crores in March 2020.

Further, Liquid funds saw the highest outflows of Rs. 19,384 crores whereas the low duration funds witness Rs. 15,847 crores. Furthermore, the overnight witnesses the highest net inflows of Rs. 5,027 crores. Floater funds also proved investor interest and net inflows of Rs. 3,229 crores in March.

Besides, Corporate bond funds net inflows over the last finance year stood at Rs. 69,305 crores. Moreover, Credit risk funds saw the highest net outflows at Rs. 28,923 crores during the same period. 

According to the source, the open-ended debt funds AUM ended 3.36% lower at Rs. 13.28 lakhs crores. The category’s AUM improved 29% in terms of amount raised Rs. 2.99 lakhs crores.

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