SIP AUM declined

SIP AUM declined to Rs 3.11 lakh cr in Feb 2020

SIP AUM declined to Rs 3.11 lakh cr in Feb 2020:

The total Assets Under Management dropped to down due to the loss of equity market indices. Also, the mutual fund companies AUM comes from the Systematic Investment Plans. As per the report of AMFI, the SIP AUM declined to Rs 3.11 lakh cr in Feb, against Rs 3.24 lakh cr in the previous month.

The AUM means the entire investment market value has managed by mutual funds instead of investors. It also reflects the flow of money changes ‘in’ and ‘out’ of a specific fund and asset price performance.

Moreover, in the previous month, the AUM affected due to the little fall of the BSE Index around 6%. Furthermore, the silver lining has introduced a new trend in SIP folio additions.

Recently, around 5.65 lakh fresh SIP folios added to the mutual fund industry in Feb 2020. Presently, the mutual fund industry has around 3.09 cr SIP folios from the regular investors. 

In Feb, the net inflows stood at Rs 8,512 against Rs 8,532 in Jan 2020. Also, the monthly SIP contributions reached Rs 8,000 cr mark in the 15th consecutive month. The total inflow of the systematic investment plans reached Rs 91,442 cr in the present financial year.

According to the AMFI records, the mutual fund industry received an average of 9.81 lacs SIP accounts. Also with an average of SIP  size of  Rs 2,800 per account. Finally, the mutual fund industry AUM declined to 27.23 lakh cr in Feb as compared to the 27.85 lakh cr in Jan 2020.

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