Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd.

Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd. Details

Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd. Introduction

To begin with, Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd., embodied in 2010, set up by Ahmedabad based Mangalam group. Especially, the company mainly involves in the business of the manufacturing of Refined Castor Oil First Stage Grade (F.S.G). It also manufactures Castor De-Oiled Cake and High Protein Castor De-Oiled Cake for domestic and international markets. Besides, castor oil mainly used in Lubricants, Paints, Sealants, Pharmaceuticals, Inks, Cable Insulators, Textiles, and Rubber industries.

Additionally, it also manufactures Delineate Cotton Seeds and Cotton Bales. Above all, the company also made itself occupied in the trading business of Raw Cotton and Castor Seeds.

Specifically, company’s cotton processing unit is situated at Harji, Gujarat. Also, two units at Harji and Palanpur. Moreover, both the units have a capacity of producing 220MT Castor De-Oiled Cake per day. Similarly, Castor Refined Oil (F.S.G) production of 225MT per day. 

Significantly, Mangalam Ltd. has two subsidiaries, namely, Farpoint Enterprise LLP and Hindprakash Castor Derivatives Private Ltd. (HCDPL) with a 51% stake. 

Strengths of Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd. 

  • Particularly, it delivers consistent quality output. 
  • Also, it has a huge expansion of its business.
  • Similarly, it has a domestic and global presence. 
  • Significantly, it possesses a strong customer base. 

Company Promoters 

Generally, the following include in the company’s assistance and promotion: 

Firstly, Vipin Prakash Mangal, second, Chanakya Prakash Mangal, and third, Chandragupt Prakash Mangal. 

Financial Details of the Company

Details For the year/period ended (in Rs. Lakhs)
30-Jun-19 31-Mar-19 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-17
Total Assets 12,126.96 7,158.37 934.75 698.19
Total Revenue 14,649.93 38,995.21 2,689.83 268.71
Profit After Tax 99.60 244.95 25.89 9.41

Company Contact Details 

Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd. 

Mangalam Corporate House,

19/B, Kalyan Society,

Near M G Int School, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad, 

Phone: +91-9099978946



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