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Equity Mutual Fund inflows reached it’s 11 months high

Equity Mutual Fund inflows reached it’s 11 months high:

On Feb, the equity mutual fund inflow reached to its 11 months high. Even the market observed high volatility due to the coronavirus effect, but the equity funds inflow raised.  Overall in the mutual fund industry observed in schemes net outflow of Rs 1,985 cr. 

The maximum withdrawal occurred in the liquid or money market category. The dividend funds also having outflows and some of the segments having contra funds. Moreover, the monthly SIP having continuous growth in its flow of 8,513 cr. Also, the AAUMs reached its all-time milestone value of INR 28.29 lakh cr. 

The market indices MF industry AUM having a growth of 6% compared to last year’s growth of 15%. Most of the analysts expect continuous heavy growth in SIP flows also in March. ELSS funds having the continuous net flow of INR 871 cr from the individual investors in this month.

The equity and equity-linked funds net flow raised to Rs 10,760 cr in Feb, against the net flow of Rs 7,547 cr in Jan. Mostly, Investors like to invest in mutual funds through SIP. The monthly SPI provided the INR 8,000 cr for the 15th consecutive month. 

Furthermore, the equity schemes attractive inflow of the Rs 11,756 cr. The inflow also extended between the categories like large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, and multi-cap. These funds inflows of Rs 1,607 cr Rs 1,451 cr, and Rs 1,498 cr continuously in this month.

But, the AUM of the 42-player mutual fund industry declined by 2.3% and stood at Rs 27.23 lakh cr in Feb. Comparatively, the AUM of Rs 27.86 lakh cr by the ending of Jan 2020. 

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